Shelly Anne Borders

InStitches by Shelly
I was introduced to stitching by my grandmothers. Mildred crocheted. Betty knitted. Ruth needlepointed. Each had an enthusiasm for their art and I learned something valuable about these crafts from each of them. Needlepoint became my first medium of choice and I worked pieces that helped my family celebrate Christmas, growing my collection to include stockings, a tree skirt, and ornaments.

My affair with fabric began in college when my roommate was studying interior design. I watched, with envy, as she “played” with fabric swatches, inventorying and cataloguing them by fiber content and color. Years later a good friend, Lauren, helped me sew a beautiful christening dress which I used for my son and daughter. She taught me the most about sewing, imparting tailoring tips and sewing tricks.

Quilting grew from this love of fabric and design. My first quilt was a 36″ square, hand-pieced nine patch. It took me two pregnancies to complete and in the interest of time, was finally machine quilted.

In 2005, I decided to marry my love of fabric with the art of quilting and started a home-based business - In Stitches by Shelly. My niche was making quilt tops – Traditional Quilts, Memory Quilts, Baby Quilts, and T-Shirt Quilts.

Today, my work is informed by my love of gardening and nature. Texture and depth is achieved by incorporating weaving, textured fabrics and threads, and beads on top of hand-painted and dyed fabrics.

I love the process of designing and creating the perfect piece that expresses an idea and begs you to look again.

The Lens
Photography remains another passion. It started when my Mother gifted me a 35 mm Minolta camera for my 16th birthday. One of my first photos won first place in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram photo contest. I was hooked. For me, real joy comes from getting "the shot". Today, I take photographs on my morning walks, in my garden, and while traveling. I use an iPhone 15 Pro daily and a Sony 6100a mirrorless DSLR during trips. Taking photos helps me connect to the world and often informs my fiber art.